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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Entering the room at a darn near sprint Nathaniel glanced around. Oh Merlin would it be totally uncouth to just skip the reception area? Awesome, no one was in the waiting area. Moving closer to the other offices he cleared his throat, "uh, 'scuse me. Anyone know where Anna is at?" He wondered if he should just start roaming the office to find her. He figured a magic carpet might be important. Did Transportation even know what was going on? Turning once more he flicked his wand allowing his Patronus to skip through the office looking for Anna in case she was in a meeting. He would hate for one of his co-workers to be hurt because of a carpet.
What a good day it had been, not to much was going on and she spent most of her day in the office. So the fact that she hadn't seen any issues with the carpets might have been the reason for the good day, but Anna soon found her slide being occupied by a glowing new friend.

Following it she found a visitor in the lobby. "Oh hello, is this yours?" Moving closer to the receptionist desk she noticed the man was a bit more stressed than she felt needed to be for such a lovely day, "Are you alright? Do you need to sit down?"
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