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The sarcasm was a rare thing for him to show, but truthfully more often than not that was primarily how his brain responded to situations. He'd just always been taught saying things wasn't always the best course of action, especially if it could be taken as unkind which sarcasm usually could. Maybe that was why he was so quiet all the time, he just figured everything could be taken offensively or his emotions could hurt other people.

And yet it seemed like his trying to not have emotions also hurt other people. There was no winning for him, and perhaps that's what had him in such a foul mood. Though he really hadn't meant to actually say anything to show it, even if the potentially rude thing was to Reagan who made her feelings quite clear. He opened his mouth to respond he did not have a girlfriend, but decided it wasn't worth it and promptly shut it again. The odds of her believing him was slim, and the idea of having to potentially then explain he'd been looking for her seemed even worse.

And then at her next words, he was glad he hadn't responded. The words... it was exactly what he'd been looking for. He'd wanted someone to finally tell him how they really felt about him, instead of just the looks and the feeling of quiet dis contempt and all of the blame. But.. whether wanted or not, the words still hurt. And even though it was Reagan who said it, it wasn't her voice that he heard. It was a cacophony of different people. People who used to be his friends, his classmates before Hogwarts... his parents. He could feel his eyes sting a bit as he leaned back against the wall behind him, biting the inside of his lip.

He didn't think he'd ever been selfish. He didn't talk to people because he didn't want to bother them with his issues, he came back to Hogwarts because of his sister's, he tried to befriend and make the younger years feel welcome and he was always willing to help anyone with their studies if they needed it. He really did try. But it was never enough. "... That's not true." It was said softly, and considering she was already walking away he wasn't sure if she heard him.

But then again, it wasn't her he was trying to convince.

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