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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Let's face it - Hogwarts is huge. There's no way anyone (let alone four ANCIENT dudes) (and ... dudettes?) could find enough cool things to make every inch of the castle awesome. That's why Jasper stuck to the main points of interest and the main points of interest only. He was a man with a plan. And fortunately, many of such interesting points were huddled near his common room. Botros privilege. Everywhere else, he only journeyed to out of necessity, and for those places that weren't a necessity, he wrote them off in whole. As one does.

For example, the fourth floor - objectively, the most boring floor of all.

Nothing cool happened on the fourth floor. Have you ever heard cool stories about the library? Hm? Anything fun happen lately in the Study Hall? Make any lasting memories in that one corner with the spiderwebs?

No. Didn't think so. Because the fourth floor was a snooze fest.

But for some reason, maybe fate ... maybe a human traffic jam on the moving staircase ... maybe maybeline, on this day, Jasper Botros had no choice but to take a detour through the most uninteresting floor known to man aka-- Oh, a mirror!

Naturally, he had to back up and make sure his hair looked alright. Obviously. Except after looking at it for a few seconds (to be sure it wasn't just lagging), he realized that the mirror wasn't actually a mirror afterall. "Even the mirror's boring!" He should've known.

Joseph Kynaston actually did have some cool stories about the library. The fourth floor was convenient--halfway between the Gryffindor common room and the potions classroom, a central location for anyone meeting...anyone else. Or if you wanted to prank strangers people watch, it was a good place for that as well. Lots of passersby.

Like him. He was a passerby today, on his way to the library. For, well, research. Fun research.

Easily distracted by his surroundings, he couldn't miss the younger student admiring the mirror on the wall. Boring, the kid called it. Frowning, Joseph doubled back to take a look himself. "Only boring people get bored," he commented, inspecting the view through the mirror. He couldn't call it a reflection, after all.

"Mysterious, would be a better word," he said, squinting at the mirror over the...Hufflepuff's head. "Do you know where that is?"
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