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Evan was not sure if frequent library trips was a Ravenclaw thing or just a him thing. It was definitely a stereotype for his house, but truthfully he fit it immaculately. "And they might have a better resource for looking up where we could locate the information for ourselves." Like maybe they had some sort of master lists of book names for certain topics of interest. Which... now that he thought about it, IF something like that existed he would love to get his hands on a copy. That sounded magical. "That's fine, whenever is good for you. How's Keighley liking Hogwarts so far?"

The admiration for ability to write lyrics was certainly something they had in common then. As for well loved for years... that hadn't happened yet to his cousin, but Ev was certain it would be coming. "How long has Koen's band been around?" It sounded like potentially for awhile, but not having followed wizarding music he knew very little. "That makes sense. Just the opportunity to get to do the things you love, right?" at the question, the Ravenclaw gave a small shake of his head. "I have not yet had that pleasure, no. I would like to hear you play sometime."

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