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Jude nodded, taking a quick look over ‘Aries’. No harm seemed to be done. Anyway, that wasn’t really his concern, was it? He’d ever been tight with either twin as he had chosen always to keep a safe distance from either; the Gryffindors were trouble. “I bet,’’ was all the Hufflepuff had to say about that bit about ‘Aries’ experiencing worse. Now, Jude could be naive at times but he didn’t completely believe that ‘Aries’ hadn’t done anything to her. “Uh huh. At least you’re out of potential trouble now. Is your twin looking for you? He’d probably be looking if that’s the case.” About the gratitude or complimenting bit… Jude was looking forward to neither. Like he said countless times, being nice was in his DNA and if he could help in a sticky situation, he would gladly do it.

Aries! Right. Was that smile something that could be used to distinguish the twins? Jude didn’t know! Ack! Why was he even so worked up about telling the two apart? Again… he didn’t know. “Aries! Got you.” This definitely marked one of the times Jude was at his most naive and gullible “Are you into Quidditch, Aries? Or if Atlas was, would you get him as a random ‘thank you’ present for being the best sibling you could ask for?” Jude waved a hand in the generality of the shop and in the process knocked over a stack of nearby magazines. “Ooops…” A sheepish expression crossed his face. “Contrary to ‘popular belief’.” Jude made air quotes here. “The shopkeeper here is NOT my dad.” That was why he was now scrambling about trying to retrieve the magazines lest he be confronted by the irate keeper of QQQ.
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