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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

It was a good weekend for one Benjee Marchbanks. Not only had the Junior Hippogriffs come off yet another win (himself being an ace in the match and arguably one of his best showings to date), but he had finally figured out how to tie his dreads up in a ponytail. How girls, who were the extend of people he knew with long hair, did this so effortlessly was beyond him. Most of the ties he had found around the house, left overs from Remy, were either too small or broke when he tried to shove all his hair into the it had been a whole thing this morning. But one that had brought a few laughs from himself and Brandon wasn't SO bad. Plus mum being a little exasperated and suggesting for the billionth time that he cut them and for him to cheekily shot it down was always worth the reaction.

It was actually his dreads that brought him into Madam Primpernelle's today, though he felt apprehensive that the shop carried potions suitable for his hair type.

And speaking of nice hair...

"Hey," he greeted Valentine as he slid up alongside her in his signature sagging jeans and nudged her with his elbow. Towering over her at nearly 6'5", he did have a pretty great view of the top of her head to be a judge of how nice her hair was, for the record. "If you need anything off the top shelf..." he added with a wink and thumb pointing to his chest.


Valentina turned to look up at her friend, who just seemed even taller than usual now. Maybe he had grown a bit over the summer. She offered him a bright smile and shifted her basket to the other hand before giving him an enthusiastic one armed hug.

"Hi! Of course. What are you here for?" She asked curiously. But she was super happy to see him, obviously.
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