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Originally Posted by iBeJenn View Post
Maya was curious and wanted to pry when Sol answered her question. It seemed like the older girl didn't actually hate her which was certainly a relief for Maya. She could even feel herself relax slightly at the response. But at the next answer, Maya paused.

Did she just say she got out of Mungo's?

"Are you... alright? How did you end up in Mungo's?" Maya asked, a slight frown. Because that meant that she wasn't okay right? Was it something to do with the reason Solana had been missing from school all term? Honestly, Maya had kind of thought that she transferred mid-term or something. Realizing that the question may have been overstepping, Maya quickly added on, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

She gave the older girl a slight smile. "Just getting a bit tired of this hair." Maya gestured to the blonde hair on her head. It was time for a change... or to revert back to her natural hair color. "I've been reading some magazines and whatnot, I can help you shop for some stuff if you'd like?" Yes, Maya Nam had started to read fashion magazines - partially because there were some rather attractive people in them, partially because learning makeup tips were good and the other being it a nice escape from her usual reading material.
Merlin, she would need to lead with something else next time, but sadly she was always such a truthful girl. Though recent event had quelled that urge a little, just so she would seem less tragic. But not enough it seemed.. for here she was telling Maya what had happened. Good going Solana, just once can you keep your mouth shut?

"Uhh, it wasn't a bit deal." She was an unconvincing liar, and she knew it.. she bit her lip and looked around, and then leaned in and whispered the whole story to Maya quickly.. It was fine if she knew, she would assume Mama Nam would have told them eventually.. but she'd rather she hear it from her mouth.. building trust or something right?

She pulled back and looked at Maya's hair.. "Ohh, were you thinking a cool color? I was thinking of chopping my hair off and going short." She mused softly as she touched her long, dark brown hair.. before giving the other girl a smile. "I would love some help.. I'm rather hopeless.." She said with a hopeful smile.
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