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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Jude too revelled in the coolness which the shade provided. He took another swig of his butterbeer; the contents of his bottle were now at the halfway point. The bottle was lowered and he lifted his shoulders in a small shrug. Im not really looking to make it a profession but that might change. At present, I really just enjoy competing and playing for Hufflepuff and the Junior Firecrabs.

The Hufflepuff nodded. Sounds like a good plan. Its a good thing were not preparing for OWLs this year. That means we can schedule a lot of practice. As much as we can manage, that is. Their practice sessions could work for both of them: Bella could teach him stuff he didnt know and vice versa. A win-win situation!

Im not sure but I dont see why some time something can be invented that makes the gob more tolerant. The Hufflepuff considered the Slytherin. I really think you could be recruited for another team in a few years. You should consider making Gobstones a career. This was just his two knuts.

The cool air felt nice against her sweaty and clammy skin. Taking another wonderful sip of ice cold butterbeer showed Bella that her drink was almost empty. Nodding in understanding she said "Yes, you've got your future ahead of you. You don't need to decide now what you want to work with as an adult." They would though in a few years need think more about it as they took their owls and later newts. "Do you know will what extra curriculars we take now matter when we apply to study at university?"

It was felt nice to know that Jude enjoyed playing gobstones like she did. Could they please get away from the seriousness of professions? Determined to lighten the mood a little or at least try Bella asked "What did you think the gob smelled like the first time you smelled it in a game? To me it smelled like rotten apples."

Blushing from ear to ear at Jude's words of praise and predictions Bella tried to wave it away "Oh thanks Jude really. We'll see, I don't know if I want to make gobstones a profession either. There are other things I like too."
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