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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bella silently thanked Merlin for having Jude readily agree with her wish to get out of the shade. Wasting no time she lead the way forward and when they got around the cart she eased down in the shade on the grass with a small sigh of welcome relief. Her skin would hopefully stop looking pink and plushie soon. "I'm sure you can become as good as Mr Artreyu is if that's what you really want, Jude?" Bella wasn't dreaming big, she just played gobstones because it was fun and didn't involve balancing on a think broomstick high up in the air.

"Cool, maybe we can meet in the dungeons in the first week of classes and practice those new moves before dinner?" Bella suggested. Jude obviously took gobstones as one of his extra curriculars too. Wrinkling her nose she laughed "I know the goo and smell really puts a damper on it's appeal. Do you think it's possible to make the goo less icky? Like if you perfume it or something would that help?" Bella had no idea if that was even possible. She'd be willing to experiment though if Jude thought it could be done.

Shocked quiet, Bella considered Jude's question for several minutes before she answered truthfully. "I don't know. Maybe? I haven't really thought so far ahead you know? I really love gobstones though, it's a fun sport."

Jude too revelled in the coolness which the shade provided. He took another swig of his butterbeer; the contents of his bottle were now at the halfway point. The bottle was lowered and he lifted his shoulders in a small shrug. “I’m not really looking to make it a profession but that might change. At present, I really just enjoy competing and playing for Hufflepuff and the Junior Firecrabs.”

The Hufflepuff nodded. “Sounds like a good plan. It’s a good thing we’re not preparing for OWLs this year. That means we can schedule a lot of practice. As much as we can manage, that is.” Their practice sessions could work for both of them: Bella could teach him stuff he didn’t know and vice versa. A win-win situation!

“I’m not sure but I don’t see why some time something can be invented that makes the gob more tolerant.” The Hufflepuff considered the Slytherin. “I really think you could be recruited for another team in a few years. You should consider making Gobstones a career.” This was just his two knuts.
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