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How had he not thought about it before? Though realistically, he supposed he had long ago when he was considering the runes on the winged boars wondering if they had to be redrawn often. Magic was still so foreign and confusing to him, but it was nice to have others who understood more and were okay with him picking their brain. Such as Jude, currently. "Some time in the library to figure it out would be nice. I might ask Professor Holden or Professor Peralta as well." Because if someone also had answers, it would probably by the History of Magic or Charms professor, right? "So yes, let's do that."

Writing music being difficult was no surprise to Evan. He'd watched Chase struggle through it too, and yet the results had always managed to be some of his favorite songs. "That's one thing I wouldn't even know where to begin on. Writing music. It's amazing to be able to find the correct words that flow well with music and convey exactly what you want. My cousin Chase always amazes me on that." More distant of a relation from Jude and Koen's, but Evan was still immensely proud and he was one of his favorite people. "Do you think you'd want to eventually write your own music?"

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