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Default Outside the Lair with Jake, Kevin, and Penelope (believe Scott will be there too)
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Saul moved through the tunnels at a speed that could be attributed both to the urgency of the situation and the stench of location he found himself in. his hurried steps helped him reach the others quickly. Stopping once again behind the Aurors to note the cave in, and the sounds of a duel happening from the other side of the debris. Who was in there right now with Bain?

"I don't think we should go down those paths without knowing where they lead." Saul interjected. "At most we could station a few of us where the passage ways start. So if they are potential escape routes we can head him off." If there is a chance after, they should explore these tunnels further. Who knows what they might find.

As for the rubble. "Clearing for gaps could benefit us. It would give us cover from any harmful spells. And it would keep Goldwasser pinned in there." So if there were ways to escape and they had people at the passage Ways that would effectively pincer Bain in his location.
Apologies to those who were trapped in there with the Vampire.
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