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David was still stuck in a bit of an awkward face, something along the lines of

Minimalist facial expressions aside, he nodded along to his former professor's story, realizing full well that he should have spoken up sooner to reassure the man that he WAS popular, that he WOULD have attended his club.

But... he was too trapped in his grief again to notice. Too focused on the answer about the ghost.

"Do you know anyone who works there still?" he almost talked over the admiral, interrupting right at the part when he was talking about the bridge. "That's kind of...."

He drifted off, thinking of something suddenly. "I think we should reach out to the school, just in case she comes back. Someone should be on the lookout for her spirit. Because... because she'll probably be irate, and confused, and you know how she ge--- got, how she got, how, it, uh."

Davie polished his glasses nervously. "Please, sir. Tell me who to contact." Just in case. He had to do his duties as a son.
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