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"This is a real deep conversation. I don't think I ever had one of those before," Mercer held up his galleon to show it both to them. Casually, so they could be impressed but not overwhelmed by his wealth. "And I want to keep having this conversation, but I got this galleon to spend, and I'm having trouble with focus? Y'see? Like how can we talk about a sad dead gran-witch and also about the ENDLESS CAPACITY FOR JOY contained in this galleon???"

He wasn't ignoring the question of being friends, since he was already friends with Suki and since he accepted the inevitability of friendship with Milo. These are the things that happen. "Yeah, friends and compartment and boat. Oh! The squid! Will we see the squid? Can you make the squid just... show up?" He rolled that galleon between his fingers again. They couldn't move on until he made up his mind on what to buy.

"How do you communicate with the cosmos? Is it like right into your brain, or are there signs?" He watched for signs, but he didn't know what to look for. "What sort of criminal activity?"
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