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Damian Pendragon

Goldwasser's rebuff of his challenge was the thing Damian needed to regain his focus. A one on one duel with Bain would have spelt the younger wizard's doom. The vampire was keeping the trio on the backstep, and it was becoming abundantly clear that they needed to work together to survive.

"Press the attack! I'll take the defense!" Damian cried out to Brody. Goldwasser expected aurors. He knew that the unspeakables' would come to haunt him. But even a vampire of his age couldn't anticipate them bringing along a wizard who had no business being there.

"Aguamenti oribis!" He always verbalized his spells. Slow, but deliberate, every spell having his full focus. With his wand aloft, he formed a bubble of water around himself. Though it threatened to boil him. the green flame became so much steam.

Damian had no time to think. How could someone cast spells so quickly? He did have the time to throw himself in the way of the spell meant for Brody. Time seemed to slow in that moment, with ripples forming across the surface of his bubble. And in an explosion of water droplets that Damian almost admired in that briefest of moments, he was lifted off his feet, and thrown across the room.

"Ow.." It was Brody's moment now.
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