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Default to clarify, jake and anyone who came with are currently stuck outside the ~lair~
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Onward, through the doorway, along the path. The safest thing would have been to go quiet and stealthily, if these mysterious and unnerving passageways were anything to go by. But with a group so big, the action well underway, and a not inconsiderable suspicion about the nature of Bain Goldwasser, that was pointless.

So Jake sped along, at first ducking beneath the fleeing bats and then heading for the source of the distant noises, doing his best to ignore the reek of the place. As the path diverged he went straight ahead, because of course following the noise would lead them down the bloodiest path. Only natural.

Except... it stopped. Jake skidded to a halt, rubble, blocking the way, dust barely settling. Muffled voices and duelling noises coming from the other side. Once again, he cursed to himself, and stared at the impromptu barricade.

"We need to get in." He spoke quickly but softly. "Or at least see if we can... make some kind of gap to send spells through. Carefully." The structural integrity of this place was not... promising. Otherwise, he'd have blasted right the way through. Perhaps if they could stabilise it with magic, then start shifting things, but it was risky; what if they brought the whole room down anyway? "We can check the other paths too, see if there's another way."

Without knowing what was going on inside, or who was there, or what was happening, calling attention to themselves was a bad idea. However, there was an option available which would kill several birds with one spell. "Homenum Revelio."

Jake made no effort to conceal the effects of the spell on the targets, so those inside would (hopefully) understand that someone was out here, working to get in. Bain - suspected non-human - would (hopefully) feel nothing, but if so, he wouldn't be revealed by it either, which was the main benefit of the spell otherwise. It wasn't much in the way of practical help, but it was what he currently had to hand until they could get work their way inside.

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