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More swearing from Brody. Yes, he could be that foul mouthed in a life or death situation. He quickly raised an arm to press over his nose and mouth to shield out the dust. Merlin. It was the perfect time for Goldwasser to attack them and Brody expected spells to come raining through the dust. He may not have had the Auror training that Ronan had but he was prepared. That was why he saw the jet of red light zooming in his direction. Brody threw up the strongest Shield Charm he could manage to deflect the Stunning Charm.

A quick look to the entrance told him that it was now blocked. Great. Nice going Damian. Though his eyes and wand remained pointed at Goldwasser, he addressed Damian. “You. Unless you have anything helpful to contribute, then SHUT IT. If you have a brain, use it well.” Next, Ronan, “Full focus on Goldwasser. That’s where it needs to be.” So much testosterone here. GOSH. Brody would like to make it out alive, please and thanks.

His heart thudded as he tried to guess Goldwasser’s next more.

And try to figure out how he and Ronan could at least get out of here. In his opinion, Damian seemed to have a death wish so at this point in life, the man’s escape wasn’t important.
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