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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
It was high summer and it was hot. Bella felt warm and sweaty and tired which wasn't great, since being in Diagon Alley should be awesome especially, when she was here to shop for school stuff and other things. The black haired soon to be fourth year snakette steered her steps towards the butterbeer cart to get a frozen pick me up drink. It was urgently needed before she went to flourish and blotts to by her new school books and something extra to read.

Bella took her place in the queue not taking in who stood in front of her in the line until a boy turned around with a frozen butterbeer in hand. Recognizing him Bella smiled and called out with a hand wave. "Hey Jude! Are you here to buy your school supplies too?"

Jude really liked it when people greeted him with ‘Hey Jude’. It reminded him of that particular song by The Beatles. Turning now, he saw Bella. She was someone he was on friendly terms with even if they did compete against each other when it came to Gobstones. And this was both at Hogwarts and when they played for their respective Under 17 teams.

“Hey there, Bella.” Jude nodded and raised his butterbeer bottle. “I am. But I needed a little pick-me-up. It’s hotter out here than usual, I think.” Yeah, it wasn't as though it was advised to wear mittens or some wintery clothing. Examining the Slytherin a bit closer, he thought she looked sweaty and worked up. That would possibly explain why she was here at the cart. “Are you looking forward to our training sessions with the professional players?” Because he certainly was!
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