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Originally Posted by Barnacle the Barn Owl View Post
A crash. A clang. A terrible yOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooowel.

There was nothing particularly unusual about the kneazles and cats that belonged to those living in apartments in the Alley have at it around the rubbish bin. Someone HAD just thrown away half a tuna sandwich, after all. Though that was not exactly what this little quartette of orange and darker orange stripped fur were hissing about.

Wing bent in a direction it clearly ought not to be, Barnacle was just returning from an overseas delivery when he had uncharacteristically swished when he should have swooped and zigged when he should have zagged. The result was his left wing and side had fallen victim to the claws and paws of a kneazle perched upon one of the rubbish bins and now was a crumbled pile of defenseless feathers upon the ground. At least the furballs seemed preoccupied enough with one another and who got to carry home the prize that he was forgotten for now.

But not likely for too much longer...
Gemma was clearly out having a good time in the summer. She was going to meet some friends and do some shopping, but knowing the alley pretty well with her mom's old tea shop and her dad's bookstore she knew the shortcuts pretty well. Taking a turn she headed down near the rubbish bins just in time to see something out of place.

What the heck was that? Squinting she moved closer and noticed it was an owl. She glanced around to see if anyone was around, who's owl was it? "Hi little guy, are you okay?" She didn't want to scare the owl but she didn't want to just leave it either.
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