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Yes, it was allergies. David was allergic to dust, that was all. He knew he could always count on the Admiral for understanding him. That was probably what had lead him here today: the comfort in knowing he'd be understood without really trying.

David nodded, baby blues still on the pebble, and cleared his throat too.

"Gravel." Wait, what? Why did he say that? The first five letters of gravel included the word G R A V E. Grave, you know, where Mum was now.

His face contorted in pain for the moment and he let out a sharp, sudden breath, along with a rush of words. "Do you know anything about ghosts, Admiral? Do you think she might become one day? Might show up and shock us all? I was going through some of her papers, see, and I found one where she might have been considering that process...? I haven't been into my usual work space yet but I'm convinced I will hear her if I do...."

Hope, apparently, was what he was here for.
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