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Oh no.

It was not germs he was concerned about, but something much worse and discomforting. A certain leakage from the eyes of one David Truebridge that he would not expect to ever bear witness to and the likes of that he would very much like to avoid at all costs. Airey Flamsteed and his ability to cope with the tears of others that were not his own children with proper empathy were so finite that he barely needed both hands to count. While he could muster up a dry socially distanced pat on the back or float a box of tissues to a weeping person with ease, it was the more intimate settings that raised things to red alert.

Though, as it were, David seemed to have only inhaled a bit of dust and hence the sniffle as the young man's lips twitched towards a smile before sitting. Dust was still cause for concern, however. He had just sterilized the place so there should not BE any dust TO cause said sniffling.

"Yes...well..." The man adjusted his tie a bit upon clearing his throat and attempted to find himself a more comfortable position to sit in that was likewise conducting to conversation and less recoiling. "One can never be too careful about such things, I suppose."

The sudden appearance of a rock on his desk took him a bit by surprise and part of his wishful thinking yearned to believe that the former Ravenclaw had come to his office for the sole purpose of performing a bit of show and tell. Alas. "Ah," he nodded, leaning forward a but to pluck the stone from where it sat and examine it. "I see the likeness." Ahem. "Does...does...he...she...have
a name?

This was totally natural.

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