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Rosemary Giana Scardino
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7. No Judgement by Niall Horan
Dedicated to Shade Coeur, character property of Kolyander

When you're with me, no judgement
You can get that from anyone else
You don't have to prove nothin'
You can just be yourself
When you're with me, no judgement
We can get that from everyone else
And we don't have to prove nothin'
When you're with me, no judgement

She’d been blessed with an arsenal of people she did not deserve, who were willing to be there when she needed. But the more mistakes she’d made, the less she wanted to disappoint.

But in her sixth year - someone new was added - someone she hadn't expected to be important. But suddenly, a best friend.

Not that she’d ever tell him, since he didn't do mush.

When she’d gotten herself into a mess and couldn’t even look in the mirror, the judgement free zone was the place she wanted to run to. So she picked up her mirror.



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