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He clearly just got into his own feelings far too much of the time. It was... a character flaw he'd really needed to address at some point. And perhaps it was time to see a therapist of his own to actually attempt to talk through things instead of just...ruminating as he often did. Or maybe he could just also enlist in more dance courses over the summer along with his studies and just distract himself from it all all over again. "Do you ever wonder how the founders actually created the hat? Like... what did they use as a spell to make it such a wise and sentient being?" Or had they just found the hat and it was already like that? "Not me. Which is why I shall keep drawing as a hobby only." A small smile from the Ravenclaw.

Encouragement while growing up too? He hadn't considered that but... perhaps the recipient of the song had meant to be a child. Maybe it was a love song from parent to son, or daughter. "Hopefully it was. It is a pretty song, and it'd be a shame if it was not successfully in the task it was created for." If that was what it had been written for anyways. It was really still just assumption on his part.

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