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Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Ash shook her head at Claudine. "No..." Okay, well, yes, but someone was always being mean to her or telling her bad news(half the time it was herself). That wasn't, like, news. She was upset for a different reason.

Claudine got it right the second time. Ash nodded wordlessly and handed her the present. I don't deserve a big sister like her. But she needed Claudine and she really liked her. Which was very dumb, because I can't rely on other people. Nobody's gonna be there for me when I'm a seventh year. Why would I get accustomed to it?

"Um, I.... I'll definitely keep in touch this summer. I don't wanna lose you, Claudine."

You know what? Ash was pretty sure that she definitely needed to go to the bathroom right now immediately. To compose herself before she went back to the Ravenclaw table.
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