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Violet sat back, satisfied that she had managed to make it through the socializing without mucking anything up too badly. She was not confident she would ever have the nerve to send Claudine any of her artwork--except maybe as amusing illustrations accompanying her letters. She listened to Claudine talk about university. University?! That seemed so far away that it was hardly on Violet's horizon. She wondered if that was something she wanted to do, someday. Probably her family wouldn't like it, but by now, Violet had learned how to get her way, if it was something important (you pick your battles).

For now, Violet just let all the hubbub wash over her and just enjoyed sitting in the Great Hall with her friends and housemates, waiting for what was sure to be an excellent (and vine-free!) dinner, and relieved to have put the O.W.L.S. behind her. She had no idea how she'd done--the persistent brain-fog left over from whatever Poppy had used in her candles had lifted during the last few months of school, whether from the potions Violet had started dosing herself with in private, the adrenalin from dealing with the vines, or--maybe it just went away naturally. Whatever, she had felt mentally herself again just in time for O.W.L.S. and had put forth her utmost (she just hoped the time she'd lost at the beginning of the year hadn't hampered her efforts).
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