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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bella was a bit late as she entered the great hall for the feast. She figured she had a legit reason since she had finished Claudine's goodbye gift. A quick glance to the staffers told her that her HoH was up on the dais, but not Headmaster Trent so hopefully her slight tardiness would be ignored for the night. Coming to the snake table Bella saw the queue of eagles (Lisa and Ash) waiting to say their goodbyes to Claudine. Okay, she had to wait to hand over her pop-up hogwarts castle parchment gift which was why she took a seat next to Darius and put the gift next to her plate. Glancing around she smiled brightly at all the other present snakes greeting them all. "Hello Darius, Violet, Blake, Claudine, V! Has anyone got any summer plans?" She was ready for a summer without seeing and avoiding vines everywhere she went...
Apollo might get flak for this considering Nemesis had earlier in the term for sitting with the Gryffindors, but the third year felt the need to make things right with his best friend. Plus it was the end of the year and the professors were surely exhausted by now, so they wouldn't care as much compared to start-of-term feasts, right? And wasn't there a hufflepuff over at his table? So like, yea.. he should be fine. He wasn't sure where they'd gone so wrong, because it wasn't that he didn't care about Isabella, but rather that he wasn't sure that he was in love with her, the same way she seemed to be with him. Couldn't they just go back to being kids again, before hormones had to go and muck things up?

"Isabella," he said quietly, tapping her shoulder and taking the seat on her other side. He didn't really know most of the Slytherins here, except for Bella and Maya, the latter of which he didn't see yet? "Can uh... we talk?" Maybe he should have waited for the train.
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