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Bella Connolly
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Maria Kingstonsdottir Dolph
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Aurora Bagnold

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Bella was a bit late as she entered the great hall for the feast. She figured she had a legit reason since she had finished Claudine's goodbye gift. A quick glance to the staffers told her that her HoH was up on the dais, but not Headmaster Trent so hopefully her slight tardiness would be ignored for the night. Coming to the snake table Bella saw the queue of eagles (Lisa and Ash) waiting to say their goodbyes to Claudine. Okay, she had to wait to hand over her pop-up hogwarts castle parchment gift which was why she took a seat next to Darius and put the gift next to her plate. Glancing around she smiled brightly at all the other present snakes greeting them all. "Hello Darius, Violet, Blake, Claudine, V! Has anyone got any summer plans?" She was ready for a summer without seeing and avoiding vines everywhere she went...
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