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The bats were meant as more of a distraction. Bain wasn’t about to let the men who had wandered into his lair leave. To do so meant they would come back with reinforcements and he still had not figured out how to rescue the cause. It was one of the reasons he hadn’t fled yet. He watched as the body binding curse shot down the corridor the bats had come from. And then he noticed two silvery meerkats running off down the corridor. That wasn’t good. He shot a spell after them, in an attempt to stop them, but it was too late. Off they sped, likely in search of reinforcements. Well, he would just have to work fast.

A low growl built in his chest as another spell was shot his way. His wand slipped into his hand. Mr. Carter’s taunting fell on experienced ears. He wasn’t foolish enough to let them get to him. The bats however? Well, they continued to shriek and click and circle overhead, only enraged by Pendragon’s spell. Another spell hit the wall next to him, a little too close for comfort. Metelojinx,” he said casting the spell towards the lair. A loud crack of thunder sparked from the tip of his wand as the thunderstorm shot forward.
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