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Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Pippa looked from Willowby to the cage and back to Willowby again. She had no idea if the owl was comfortable getting into a cage or not, and she hated to get their relationship off to a bad start. But she didn't want to carry her new owl through the street without one--he was new to her and might fly off and get lost or hurt. He could come out of the cage after she'd gotten him home (and after she'd gotten him used to her other creature friends, and vice versa).

She hastily transfigured a couple of handkerchiefs she had in her pocket into nice, thick gloves and then held out her forearm invitingly before the owl, waiting for him to climb on. "Does this owl mind cages at all? I don't want to frighten him," she said over her shoulder to Colwyn.

"Oh, yes," she replied brightly. "I've found a number of them good homes, and those demonstrations we did at the anniversary celebration attracted a lot of business. In fact, I'm going to have to leave the shop for a week or so in the fall in order to get some new creatures in." Pippa liked to examine her creatures herself, rather than just buy them from someone else. Oh, who was she kidding, Pippa got restless every now and then and needed to go off on an adventure. Of course, it all depended on whether she could find someone reliable to manage her shop in her absence. At the least, someone would have to tend to the creatures while she was gone, even if the shop was closed for a bit.
"You shouldn't have any trouble getting him into his cage, each of the owls here are taught to go in and out of cages regularly for transport and comfort. Some like their space, others like the protection it gives them. He'll let you know if he feels like he's been in there for too long." Colwyn gave a chuckle. All of his owls had personality, so they all had their own way of telling him when they wanted or needed something.

Colwyn smiled. "That celebration was wonderful. It really helped the owls here find their perfect homes as well. I might just have to stop in sometime soon and see if I can find myself a companion that isn't.. an.. owl." No offence to any of his owl babies, he loved them all dearly but it would be nice to add something different into the mix.
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