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Atlas Flamsteed was a lot of things. Tactful was not exactly one of them and this was one of those moments.

Noticing that THAT GUY hadn't sat next to the one and only Phoebe James was just the kick in the pants the Gryffindor needed to muster up a bit of stupidity and slide in for his chance. One of his last chances, really, since she was graduating and was likely to just forget about him beyond these walls. Unrequited love stung like that.

So, not exactly stomping up to her but fast enough that he was huffing and puffing just a little under his breath, he stopped behind the older Gryffindor and somewhat pointedly ignored all the others. It was temporary, don't mind him. He needed tunnel vision to get this task done. Tapping her on the shoulder just as she dropped a bunch of pamphlets on to Cecelia's plate, Atlas cleared his throat and unceremoniously shoved the gift in front of Phoebe's face. His face matched the color of the LEGO hanging from the chain and his cheeks were already puffed up as a result of his nerves - easier to hold your breath with your cheeks all flared up, you see.

Which also meant he was going to really need her to take it from him soon because he lacked a certain lung capacity.

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