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No, Victoria. Claudine was not sad, much less near to tears. That would have only drawn attention to her and Claudine hated attention. She was instead having bittersweet feelings towards this entire final evening at Hogwarts. She was even positive she felt it on her tongue. Huh. The seventh year gave Victoria a small wave because she was not a fan of the second year.

Feeling the tap on her shoulder, Claudine turned around to see Daniel. Immediately she smiled. This sassy Hufflepuff had become a friend, despite the number of times he exasperated her. “Hi, Daniel. Want to have a seat for a bit?” Let anyone tell him he couldn’t sit there at the Slytherin Table. Claudine would happily jinx them. And what was that against his chest? A book? Interesting. The second year Ravenclaw that came bumping into Daniel earned Lisa a laugh. “Hi. Aren’t you always the excited and energetic one.” Oh, how Claudine was going to miss these two. And Violet too. Sweet Violet who was so hardworking. "I'll miss you too, Violet. Write to me when you have the time, yeah? And keep an eye out on the baby Slytherins?"

Okay, okay. The sadness was slowly washing over her. Darn these feelings.

That’s when Claudine caught someone looking as miserable as she now felt. Blake. The girl wiggled her fingers at him. “Not going to be a big baby, are you?’’ Teasing. It was only a tease. This had been hers and Blake’s relationship for the last few years.
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