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Milo peered, and he peered. Not that looking for a long time was likely to make a message spontaneously appear, but it wasn't outside the realm of possibility either. Very little was, and probabilities were inaccurate, so he kept looking. Perhaps the ultraviolet radiation would reveal something; perhaps the moment he gave up would be two seconds short of the message appearing.

And he suspected there was something important to be found here.

There weren't many people around here, and the voice, when it came, was close, and Milo just knew without knowing that it was meant for him, but he didn't look around. "Hello Aiden," he said in monotone reply, without much change in his position. Also without a return greeting yet, because names held power.

But he needed to look to see what was being referred to, and so Milo ultimately did turn to face the voice. The voice who was actually a human, or so the evidence suggested. "Parchment," he said, holding it up to illustrate the fact, and then lifted one foot (green sock) and extended it outwards. "I don't need them." Shoes. Didn't need them, and also didn't like them.

Milo considered the person; Aiden appeared to be a little older than Des and also Papo Jake's youngest children, his own aunt and uncles, but the robes would have thrown Milo off entirely were he not intimately acquainted with the fact that things were not always as they seemed. He tilted his head, pocketed the parchment, and stayed balanced on one foot. "Your robes are too big."

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