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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kamran Kazmi

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Angelo Milano Evans
Second Year

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Jake Upstead
Law Enforcement

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Minister's Office

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Ezekiel Ransom-Kruus

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Spencer Muldoon
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Vine clean up? Brutal.

Seeing the desolation of the greenhouses whenever he wandered that way on the grounds? Brutal.

The impending break? Less brutal, but give it a few days, and he'd be champing at the bit for something to do. He'd probably find something too, as a matter of fact.

Given how much of the grounds needed his attention post... everything... from the training area, to the lake, to the forest, Kamran had been busy right up until the moment of the feast. It was all very well and good being busy and active, but nice to take the weight off. He did so at the staff table, greeting those already there with an "Evening," each, and settling into his seat between Malachi and Simon's usual places.

Two years in, and he was more used to the faces here. Harder to see the graduating students go, but, of course, entirely necessary. They'd be fine, he was sure.

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