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Default If anyone is keeping track: This takes place before the Lair of Despair.

"We.." Damian was beginning to make his way up the stairs. "We don't really talk about the books.. I try to forget sometimes myself." He didn't want to have to explain the lengths he sometimes went to to do this.

"The aurors have been rather tight lipped about these incidents, haven't they?" He was at the top of the room now, leaving his cane standing as he approached Jane. "I never liked doing consultations for suspected vampire attacks when I was in the private sector. There's always so many different parties involved. When dealing with dementors, ghosts, inferi, etc; Things are pretty straightforward. But with vampires, they're classified as people with an affliction, so have to be treated as such." Damian could have rambled more, but he became distracted by the two small marks on the witches' neck.

"I'm sorry, I talk too much sometimes. What do you remember? No detail is unimportant." The investigation into the attacks within the walls of the Ministry of Magic had been a side project over the last year, but when Jane Howard became the latest victim, Damian began to take things personally. He was constantly exhausted, but he knew he could only rest properly when this was all over.
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