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follow me; everything is all right.

The temperature dips further still, the ground shaking and shuddering with growing intensity. Panes of glass in the greenhouse walls crack and shatter in their frames.

Torches and flaming projectiles hit the glass with a myriad smash, clatter, crunch, crash, their glowing faintly visibly through the fog and beyond the glass. The flames take hold of the dead plants inside, and the fire spreads quickly, ripping through the greenhouses, flames licking the smoke-darkened glass and flickering through the smashed windows.

All at once, a harrowing, bone-chilling SCREEEEEEEECH emits from the very centre of the poisonous fog as the fire finds its target. The ground shakes with almighty force, but the scream reaches a crescendo only to fade out. The ground settles and darkness slowly turns back to day, as the curse is stopped in its tracks.

The fog begins to dissipate, the warmth returns. All around, vines hang limp, dying and withered. At the centre of it all, the once beautiful and bountiful greenhouses stand ablaze, devastated.

The Pharaoh's Triumph is defeated.
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