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Ivy’s idea. Claudine liked that. A Shield Charm would definitely come in handy. She readied the torche she had in her possession. The idea of throwing it at the Greenhouse crossed her mind but Claudine quickly dispelled that idea. She didn’t have enough upper body strength to get her torch that far. And Kazmi’s Knockback Jinx seemed to work quite well.

Claudine shot an apologetic look at professor Flamsteed, sorry to be destroying the greenhouse. But they had to do what they must. Immediately after Violet’s torch took off, Claudine’s did as well. Her torch shattered another window and she hoped at least one torch had so far found that crucial piece of vine they were blindly trying to find.

“I think it would be better if we send torches one after the other, or even at the same time. But… you know, as long as we do it quickly. As the torches run out, some of us can light branches while the rest of us cast them at the greenhouse.” Sort of like an onslaught as the way they had attacked the vines in the courtyard a while a go.
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