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Originally Posted by Samia View Post

When Kamran's torch crashed through the window, June's heart dimmed entirely - but she rose her wand, and spoke with no hint of emotions, "I'll contain the flames" She could not set it on fire, and she knew everyone else was ready to. So, she'd do what she could.
Violet felt bad for Professor Flamsteed when she saw the look on her face as the first torch hit the first greenhouse. "Don't worry, Professor Flamsteed," she assured her, "we can build back the greenhouses, we'll make them better than ever, but they're no good to us the way they are." Violet hoped the professor understood. As for herself--she was usually pretty miserable at athletics, so she opted to use the knockback jinx, as Professor Kazmi had, rather than trusting to her arm to lob her torch into another spot.

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"Professor Kazmi!" she shouted, a little too excited. "We don't need catapults. We could possible fly over the greenhouses and drop torches on them?" That way they wouldn't get close to the fog and there wouldn't be stray torches all over the place. Plus, they'd cover more ground like that. Attack without being in hands' reach. Bombs away?
As she stepped back and began looking to see if there were any more torches, Violet heard someone suggest flying over the burning greenhouses. Oh, Merlin, no!! Violet had enough trouble just flying, she was not about to try to do it holding a torch and flying over a conflagration.
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