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Serena was fully expecting her suggestions to be brushed aside by the adults, but they weren't. That was new. It made Serena see them in a slightly better light.

No bows and arrows. No catapults. Curse it! Why hadn't she learned how to transfigure things into catapults? That was going to go on her list to master. Also, ask her dad to minimize her REAL catapult she had in storage and pack it for next term, because clearly it was needed.

"I haven't learned that, yet," she said in response to Professor K.

Well, then.

Serena eyed the torch in her hand as she stabilized herself on the shaky ground. Military stories her godfather told her about suddenly ran through her mind. They couldn't use magical fire to get rid of this thing. Serena envisioned the tactics muggles used. Their weapons, their jets...

"Professor Kazmi!" she shouted, a little too excited. "We don't need catapults. We could possible fly over the greenhouses and drop torches on them?" That way they wouldn't get close to the fog and there wouldn't be stray torches all over the place. Plus, they'd cover more ground like that. Attack without being in hands' reach. Bombs away?
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