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Perhaps that caw wasn’t a good idea Mr. Carter because down one of those unchosen paths skulked the being the trio was looking for. The two men really should have listened to Mr. Hawthorne, because the noise from the cawing and the snapping gloves was as loud as a muggle fire alarm to the vampire’s ears. If they had hoped to take him unaware, well, even a deaf mole rat would have been able to hear the racket being made.

Yes, there were bats down here Mr. Pendragon. The tunnels down here were full of bats, in case the guano on the ground hadn't made that obvious. Goldwasser had not only been in darkness and silence scraping by like an animal for the last two years, but he had also been living with only bats and rats as his companions. It wouldn't be the first time he'd had to survive in such terrible conditions. Azkaban hadn't been an all inclusive resort nor had the catacombs of Paris. Furthermore, it had been a while since he'd had the chance to really play with anyone and well, fear only made his meals taste better. If they wanted bats, well, bats he could give them. With a twist of his hand he summoned one colony and with a silent Oppugno Jinx, sent the bats onward into the safe room.
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