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Javier had been headed to the library to research some new potion brewing techniques for their next lesson when he had spotted the group of students and staff walking out like they meant BUSINESS. He was going to let it be…until the weather started to shift at an alarming rate through the windows of the corridor a few moments later. Javier had been out of Hogwarts for a while, but he still knew that any time you saw a change in the environment and a group of people looking super serious about something - they were likely related. He couldn’t just sit by and let them have fun without him, right? Plus, he had to make sure whatever was going on wouldn’t turn into something dangerous - for Camila’s sake.

Walking so fast he was almost jogging, he’d quietly caught up and followed them down to the greenhouses, settling in behind the group and listening as Kaz began to hand out torches to the students. He slowly made his way through the students to the front, stopping every now and then to steady himself as the ground trembled, and he tried to ignore the growing chill in the air. After listening to the flying instructor, he started to put two and two together, which in turn made him a smile to himself. Did this mean they would finally be rid of these blasted vines??? Thank MERLIN.

”How else can I help?” he asked him as he pushed his way to the front and held out a hand expectedly for a torch.
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