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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

It had been challenging for the Hufflepuff to leave the restricted section in the library. But if the Pharaoh's Triumph was going to be at full power soon that meant that the school could close down. And he did not want that! He still had so much exploring to do and he wanted to try and get the tome book again next year!

As he arrived at the greenhouse, Daniel took hold of one of the torches that Professor Kazmi had been levitating out of the castle and held it firmly in his hands before he looked up at the sky. Was it just him or had the temperature dropped? He bit his lower lip nervously as the sky suddenly turned darker until it resembled the night sky and the boy used the light of the fire to look around to see Claudine and Ash close by.

He was extremely salty about not having received any compliment when he had been the one to discover the Pharaoh's Triumph in the book first and his annoyance got even bigger when he begrudgingly had to agree that Atlas' idea of setting the greenhouse on fire was the best option so far. They could get new plants and build a new greenhouse. Building a new school would be far more difficult and time-consuming even with the use of magic.

He was ALSO still salty that HE wasn't the one to have planted it and wasn't getting absolute power... UGH! Anyway, he was ready to light a greenhouse on fire!
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