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Once he was sure that the more mischief-prone students had vacated the Restricted Section, Kamran had left the rest of that in Meda's capable hands, in favour of accompanying the bulk of the group. Being aware he had gone and permitted them to grab flaming torches along the way, it seemed a good idea he stick with them.

But Merlin, this leg. He was regretting not stopping by the Hospital Wing ahead of time; Neva could have seen to it in moments.

Levitating along a small batch of wall torches he himself had collected from the castle and picking his way around vines as they approached the poison-shrouded greenhouses, Kamran was about to respond to Flamsteed's question - as sensitively as he could, as June was nearby, but no less honestly - when it happened. You know, the ominous cold, dark, rumbling, oh-yeah-you're-totally-on-the-threshold-of-a-good-cursing thing. He instinctively flung a hand out for balance, and planted his feet, but was not exactly steady to begin with; didn't seem like it would be long before he found out how the ground tasted for perhaps the fourth time in his life.

Just. About. Had it.

"Unless anyone can think of another way to find and hit just that one plant..." He spoke loud, over the rumbling, and though his teeth chattered in the cold maintained his composure, not being one to lose his head and knowing it was the last thing the kids needed to witness. "... Mr Flamsteed may have the right idea." Again. Kamran couldn't decide if it was good for the boy to hear that, or plain disastrous. "Take a torch if you don't have one yet, and if you see any stray branches nearby, grab one and be ready to light it." To what end? Still not firmly decided, so he didn't give the go ahead to start the burning. Yet.

But the book had not gone into great depth on this curse; there was no telling exactly how much danger they were in, or how long until they were past the point of no return. Maybe it wasn't so bad; so many of the plants inside were already dead, after all, and unlikely to be salvaged. Take them out of the equation, and it was just the Pharaoh's Triumph and the structures themselves to worry about. The latter could be replaced.

Somehow, though, Kamran didn't think that would be much consolation.

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