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Well, yeah. True. The fog would still be an issue even if they got into the Greenhouse but she had hoped that they could have at least saved the trouble of having to deal with it on the outside. That had been as far as she’d thought though. Anyway. So what… now they needed to find matches? Sticks that they could whittle to start a fire?

Claudine drifted back towards Ash, abandoning the group she had been with earlier. Out to the Greenhouses she had headed, following behind some members of the group. Naturally her wand was still clutched in her hands because Claudine was not looking to die today, and was unwilling to let herself be taken down by a piece of greenery.

She shivered a bit; it was so chilly out here. And… goodness, it was so dark out here. But you know what was more unnerving and sent her panicking a hint? The shaking ground. Without thinking, she stopped abruptly in her tracks and reached for Ash to clutch at.

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