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Jude felt his breath catch in his throat. Evan’s smile. Gosh. Did Evan even know that he had such a breathtaking smile? Did anyone else notice too? The fact was Jude did, and he tried not to be too disconcerted. Though the entire happening did remind him that his father had told him that he had a good feeling about Jude and Evan becoming friends. For the second time, he realised his father was right about this particular topic. He cleared his throat slightly and tried to appear that he hadn’t just been thrown off guard by a smile. At least Evan didn’t mind showing him the dance so that was something else Jude had to look forward to. “Thank you. That would be great.”

The Hufflepuff held up his left hand. His middle and index fingers were crossed. “Hopefully,’’ he said grinning. The boy was very optimistic about his future, about life in general in fact, and he couldn’t wait to see what it had in store for him. That didn’t mean he also didn’t keep his eyes on the present though. “I doubt the Sorting Hat gets anything wrong.” Even if he thought that Evan was a good fit for Hufflepuff as well.

Jude nodded, his mind trying to make sense of all the scrambled possible meanings the song could have. “I’ll ask my mother too.” Addison had never mentioned anything about it and truthfully, he had never thought to ask. He did know that Evan was being awfully kind to him by agreeing to listen to the song on repeat. Jude settled back in a seat, silent for a bit as he listened to the lyrics again. He felt comfortable around Evan enough to even close his eyes, feeling the melody take him over. “What do you think it’s about, Ev?” the third year asked suddenly, his eyes still closed.
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