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Originally Posted by The Narrator View Post
As the students flip through the pages of the newly discovered book, eventually they come across the following passage that seems to almost jump off the page at them. Perhaps this information is what you'recurse breaker.

The Pharaoh's Triumph is a flowering vine plant endemic to Egypt. It is exceedingly rare due to its undesirable and weaponised nature, being an uncontrollably invasive and harmful species, and is believed to be extinct by some contemporary Herbologists. Dating back to the Old Kingdom, arguably the most notable feature of the Pharaoh's Triumph is its naturally occurring curse. When planted, the Pharaoh's Triumph was once used to wipe out a rivalling people's plant life, taking out food sources and thus affecting creature mortality, ultimately giving whoever planted it in their enemies' land absolute power.

A curious feature of the Pharaoh's Triumph is its ability to disguise itself flawlessly as any other plant (most likely another vined plant) with which it has come into contact. It can magically mimic not only the appearance, but also the biological make-up of the plant it uses as a disguise, apparently down to its very DNA. Once planted, quasi-sentient vines with mesmerising flowers appear in the surrounding area, leeching life from all other plant life and becoming more aggressive as more time passes.

Only when the Pharaoh's Triumph reaches full maturity does it shed its disguise, at which point it releases the full force of its curse and can no longer be approached by a living being. Shrouding itself in a poisonous, magic-dissolving fog which spreads through the land, the plant itself can continue to thrive on the life force drained from all around it. Only one method of ending the destruction is known: the Pharaoh's Triumph must be burnt and itself destroyed, ideally before the fog can appear.
The ghost of Anastasia R. Bunbury Truebridge would kindly like to remark that this time, it's not her fault that a curse from Egypt is upon the School.

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