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Diagon Alley was so amazing! Ten-year-old Aiden was looking around at everything in awe all the whole day. His mother had a tight grip on his hand as they walked the streets, and he'd been very scared at first, but now he had just seen so many cool things that he'd never even known existed! Magical stuff, the kind of stuff you could only dream about until now! it was all just WOW.

So when his mother had needed to ask for directions, and told Aiden to STAY CLOSE in that voice Mommy used when she was very very serious, Aiden had done his best to stay right under her nose. But just then he saw another boy, much taller than he was, standing nearby and holding something up into the sun. Aiden walked up to him curiously, holding his teddy bear. The only clue that little Aiden might be a future Hogwarts student was the slightly-oversized pair of robes he wore.

"Hi. My name is Aiden," the boy said, with a mix of shyness and curiosity. This was what his mother had taught him to say when meeting somebody new for the first time and it still sounded a bit clunky coming from his mouth. It was a lesson she had tried to drill into him when realizing he'd be going to school soon. "What's that? And how come you don't got shoes?" Aiden asked with a curious point downward. He had never seen anybody not wearing shoes outside. He didn't even know that was allowed. Aiden himself had his favorite pair of sneakers, because they had red streaks on them, and red was his favorite color.
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