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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

The second-year blinked in confusion as V spoke. And it was the complete opposite of what he had thought would have come out of her mouth. He even had been prepared for her telling him to mind his own business. Daniel watched her lean her back against one of the walls. An action that made him come back to the now because ...did she know how dirty those walls were? Whatever, not his problem.

It seemed that, whatever was troubling V it was a serious matter for her and for the first time in his life, Daniel felt kind of bad for her. He was arrogant, commanding and could be annoying. But he wasn't a heartless monster who thrived on the misery of others. Despite what a few students thought...

"Ok first of all" he began, his tone annoyed as he pinched the bridge of his nose because he couldn't believe he was about to say this to V out of all people. "You are not horrible at everything and you are NOT lightyears behind everyone when it comes to magic" he said with a roll of his eyes. "My brother once told me that everyone moves at their own pace and that you shouldn't compare yourself to anyone" which is something he had always done and was why he wasn't as emotional as V. "And have you asked one of the professors for help? Or any of the older students?" He continued. "I've been practising and learning new spells not only by myself but I also asked older students to help me out" he said. It was that simple.

This talk was weirding him out so he moved away from the window on his end and walked towards one of the owls seated on a perch nearby. He reached out a finger and stroked the feathers. "A manor" he corrected her when she asked if he lived in a mansion. Why?" Was she surprised that he came from a wealthy family?

"At first, I thought that the vines were a pretty aesthetic" he said, using the new word that he had learned from Evan a few days prior "But now they are just bothersome" he had tripped twice now when he walked to classes! "But all we can do so far is Diffindo them" Until they had found something that got rid of them for all. "Do you think someone from The Board of Government planted them when they were here?"
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