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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
...Turning she asked worriedly "Hi, are there vines here too?" Taking down a book on moonlight plants Bella opened it somewhere in the middle and began to scan the page for vine clues.
"The blasted things are everywhere, replied Violet glumly, searching the titles on the shelf nearest her for likely candidates. Suddenly she was startled by a loud thump and turned to see a large book fall of its own accord off a high shelf. She hurried over to it, but before she could get there, Daniel Yoon had already picked it up, and there were quite a number of other students clustered around it. Violet stood on her tiptoes and tried to peer over their shoulders, wishing for the thousandth time that she wasn't on the short side. "Does it say anything?" she said anxiously. "See if the book has a section on malevolent plants." Because it was obvious that was what they were dealing with.
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