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......June wasn't entirely sure how they could get any research done if the kids kept chattering and not actually ... researching, you know. Fortunately Kamran was around to answer their questions as well.

Once Euka let them in the restricted section, she wandered off - looking where they hadn't already and tuned most of everyone out. Though that didn't last long -- because soon after someone was calling her again, namely one Mr Nam, "they are the most general kind, Mr Nam, no - not the devil's snare. They are found in most common gardens - but they are not behaving like them" she clarfied a bit, as she flipped through the pages of the book she was looking at.

And then there was another - she turned to look at Mr Yoon, and eyed the heavy book in the second year's hands for a moment, "I don't think we have seen that book yet, Mr Yoon. Go on, go through it, see if you find anything useful" she added before turning toward the other students, "Mr Nam? Atlas? Why don't you both help, Mr Yoon as well"

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