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Had he known how talented Daniel's brother was in non-verbals, Evan would have written immediately to request any knowledge on how to master those. Even as a fourth year it was something he attempted to do, but he was no where near mastering any of the spells in order to be able to accomplish that. Hopefully one day, perhaps he could dedicate sixth year to that study entirely.

He chuckled a bit at the Hufflepuff's question, realizing how silly it probably did sound and yet... "Don't you? Sir Henry is so regal I bet someone could make a great art piece with him as inspiration." He reached into his bag, pulling out a picture book of different tattoo designs and opening it to the underwater creatures to show Daniel. "Like these. Simple lines with watercolor backing for a splash of color. It's really pleasing to look at." Or maybe that was just him.

He moved his hands from the book, smiling a little too when it was agreed that would probably be a good idea, nodding his head. "Exactly." Hearing the question about Noah, his eyebrow went up for a moment before nodding. "Yeah, that's my brother. I actually met you and your brother Minjae once in Diagon Alley, before my first year." So Daniel would have been probably around... nine? The Ravenclaw had remembered merely because of how different the relationships between the two sets of brothers had been. And how different temperament wise Daniel and Minjae were, though he didn't really know either well. "Noah traveled around with his girlfriend and Minjae last year."

He noticed the chair movement and nearly reached out to try to stop it from going backwards, but thankfully he had not moved when it settled at the table. So instead, he settled on pretending nothing had happened at all. "I get it. Classes can stress me out too. It's hard to not do things perfectly the first time when you have such a standard of excellence of yourself." Not to say he thought he was excellent, but to say he wanted to be in all areas. "I do! She helped teach me to draw." Claudine was clearly the mentor goal given how much time she spent coaching and helping younger years. Evan couldn't actually think of a seventh year that would be missed more, at least not to him. "It'll be weird here next term without her."

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