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Hadn’t it been for the immensely tense situation, Brody would have laughed. Clearly he wasn’t the only one being annoyed by Damian. Though he suspected if the man kept it up, Brody would snap. Damian was the least of their problems right now. While Ronan was not surprised about a secret passage, the DIMC Coordinator was. More specifically, he was surprised that they had stumbled upon one.

Brody wished he had a couple extra pairs of eyes. It was logical that he wished that right now. Hello, there were so many things to be seen. Not to mention so many possibilities of creatures to look out for. His nose wrinkled at the smells, his mind jogging him back those times owls had been used in the Ministry.

As he walked forward with Ronan, the beam of light that had lighted from his wand was suddenly put out. Not that the light was really needed a short while later. Brody’s mouth fell open slightly in a gape as he surveyed the scene.

“Since whatever it is isn’t here now,’’ Brody began having found his voice once more. “It could have heard us coming and hidden somewhere.” Merlin knew how big this secret place was. “You need to collect anything for lab work, Ronan?”
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